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The Client

Jorge Echeagaray, M.D. is a board certified Plastic Surgeon and is based in Guadalajara, Mexico. As part of Dr. Echeagaray’s training, he gained experience at some of the most prestigious hospitals around the world.


Echeagaray was a fun, yet challenging website to create. Not only did we want to create a modern website that is attractive to potential customers, increases traffic, and brings in more clients, we had to make sure the website was able to be used by both English and Spanish speakers.


The outcome set the benchmark in terms of design quality for other websites going forward. By bringing the whole team to the table, we were able to combine ideas and push past barriers to create a website that represented the look and feel that the doctor wanted to be presented to potential clients.


The website was a unique opportunity to rebuild a site that had been behind schedule before I was brought on board. I was able to exceed expectations and demonstrate all my skills. I collaborated with the designer and we thought of some engaging animation effects that could be added to bring the site to life.