Type App Design


The Client

SOFRA is an app design I created to bring the skills I learned into a personal project that allows me to expand upon them and let my creativity show. It is an e-commerce furniture store app that dynamically displays the products and a simple purchasing experience from start to end.


Designing SOFRA had some unexpected challenges. I rethought how users could use the app instead of how I see it as a designer. By using the personas of potential users, I was able to rethink how they would navigate the shop and the expected experience from other apps they have used. Through this process, I was able to design a mobile-centric shop which showcases products and streamlines the purchasing process.


As a starting point, I presented different personas for the average user that would be interested in purchasing furniture through an online or app platform. Once the target demo was found, I conducted market research on competitors’ apps and websites to further investigate the current web and app offerings. From there, I was able to see what works and what could be improved upon from these other apps and develop wireframes of the different components in the app. Then, I created the prototype with all the features available. Through testing, I was able to see what worked effectively and what could be improved upon.


SOFRA is an easy to use and aesthetically appealing app that allows users to quickly find furniture for their needs. Having multiple types of furniture available helps users to see what their options are, make their selections, and learn more about the products.



Low Fidelity Wireframes

Flow Chart

Final Product


From the landing page, the user can log in or sign up to continue shopping. These pages were designed so the user can quickly create an account, which streamlines the process of converting a new user to having an account and continuing to the store.


SOFRA is a simple and straightforward app that allows users to find the perfect furniture for their home. From the homepage, the user can shop by category, suggested, or best sellers. After selecting the perfect furniture from the list or items, they can see more images and find a thorough description of the product. Using the Google Sheets plugin, I was able to easily and dynamically update the content for the prototype.


The checkout process has been streamlined in SOFRA. From the shopping cart, to adding a different address or payment information, it can be easily found and updated if needed. After they checkout, the user can find suggested products based on their previous purchase.


If a user wants to update their account settings, it can be done from their My Account page. My Orders is where they can find their past purchases. If they have selected any favorite products, they can find them all on their Favorites page.